/Battleground High School

Battleground High School Case Study

We asked Brenna Leker at Battleground High School
to tell us about how she and her students are using Go Vocab


Tell us a little bit about your school

Our school is located in Battle Ground, Washington in the United States. We currently have 6 language teachers. We offer Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and American Sign Language. As a school we have 2200 students. We currently serve approximately 1/3 of those students in our foreign language department.

How has Go Vocab changed the way you teach vocabulary?

Like many schools, we have limited access to computer labs. I try to get my students in at least once a month, usually in the middle or towards the end of a unit to review. I like to get the vocab lists loaded as soon as we start a new unit so that I can tell my students that the new vocab is available to practice on Go Vocab. I have several students who practice in their free time at home or on the go with their mobile phone. I use the weekly email progress summaries to guide my teaching; I try to focus on or review the words that were missed the most that week on Go Vocab.

“Go Vocab is a great tool all around but what’s especially neat about it is that it engages all students”

What do your students think of Go Vocab?

The students are very engaged when we use Go Vocab. Previously we used Quia but the games are a bit dry and it lacks the competition piece which is a great motivator for many of my students. My students enjoy the games and have commented on several occasions on how helpful the site has been in helping them with their vocabulary. They also appear more motivated to learn words that they missed so that they can do better in the game.  

Have you seen a difference in vocabulary knowledge among your students since using Go Vocab?

Yes! Go Vocab is a great tool all around but what’s especially neat about it is that it engages all students. Students who struggle in the classroom have a fun tool to use outside of class and also get recognition from their peers when they appear among the high scorers. My competitive students, usually athletes, are much more motivated by achievements and points that they can openly compare with their peers than they are with their test scores. This is great because it eventually does translate to higher test scores.

What is your favourite feature in Go Vocab?

I love the weekly progress emails. It’s very helpful to see which words my students are struggling with so that I can focus on those words in our daily lessons. Also seeing that many of my students are practicing in their free time, outside of school, sets my Spanish teacher heart aflutter. I also love Ships, my kids are very competitive and love this game. Also the response time when submitting a ticket/problem is very fast. Amazing customer service!

“I also love Ships, my kids are very competitive and love this game

Do you use the Verb Conjugation lessons in Go Vocab?
If not, how do you teach verb conjugations?

I use the Verb Conjugation Lessons with my students to review/practice more than I do to teach the conjugations. We use t-charts for verb conjugations in the classroom and usually do quite a bit of practice conjugating verbs with the mini white boards.