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Go Vocab is built for teachers! In fact, we saved you the best parts.

Never Mark Again

With Go Vocab you can set homework at the start of the week and we’ll email you the results after it’s due. Choose a particular list of vocabulary for homework and set a points target to be achieved.

Mirror Your Classroom

Go Vocab comes loaded with Top Notch Content, including vocabulary lists designed to match the curriculum as well as official lists from many popular textbooks. If the textbook you're using isn't there yet then we can get it added for you.

If you've got vocab lists you're already using then you can upload them into Go Vocab.

Top notch content

Leave No Student behind

At a glance you can see which students are getting ahead and may need more lists to learn and which students are falling behind and need more attention.

Go Vocab tracks which vocab your students are struggling with and provides a list of "Difficult Words" which you can bring up in class.

Track student progress

What it's like for your students

Go Vocab is about making learning vocab and verbs fast and fun for students.

Learn with Quizzes

Go Vocab is based on a range of different quizzes. Some feel more like a traditional test, and some don't feel like quizzes at all because they're fully fledged games. Each activity will help you to improve a different skill so that you'll be ready to use the vocabulary you're learning in any situation.

Two ipads


Battle against your friends in real time in Go Vocab's first multiplayer game. The competitive pressure makes this a crowd favourite. You can challenge your friend or let the computer choose a worthy opponent.


Help & Support

Go Vocab includes live chat support so you can get help with the website exactly when you need it, try it now by clicking “Click for Help!” in the bottom right corner. We also provide email and phone support.

Help and support