Choosing Content at an Appropriate Level

As a teacher you can choose to turn on or off a list - turning on a list will make it available to your students to study words from it and turning it off will make it unavailable to your students.

If you have students learning at different levels then we recommend turning more lists on, and then your students can individually choose to focus on a certain list by:

  • Clicking on 'Words' on the top bar

  • On the left hand side of the screen there will be a list of all the vocab lists available, click on the one you want to study

  • Click on the 'focus on this list' button at the top of the list

This will mean that students will only get words from this list for their activities.


You can also prioritise lists that you want your students to learn first - this means that students will only have words drawn from these lists until they have fully learnt them. Only once they have accomplished this will they revert back to learning all the lists made available to them.

You can prioritise a list by:

  • Clicking on the 'Lists' button on the top bar

  • Decide which list you would like to prioritise

  • On the right hand side of the list name there will be the word 'prioritise', click on the star next to the word