Creating a List

Teachers can create their own vocabulary lists on Go Vocab. You can create a list by either uploading a list or by typing out the list in Go Vocab.

To upload a list:

  • Click on the 'Lists' tab, and on the right hand side of the page there should be three large green buttons - click on the button that reads 'Upload List'

  • Click on 'Choose file to upload', and choose an appropriate name for this list, then click 'next'

  • You will then be directed to the second step, where you need to pick the language of each of the columns of your list

  • Then click 'Create list'

Please note that Go Vocab only supports Excel (.xls and .xlsx) and CSV (.csv) files for uploading lists.


To type out a list:

  • Under the 'Lists' tab, click on 'Create list'

  • Start typing in the words you want in your list. As you start typing in the words you will be shown suggested words that already in the system - if you want to use one of the suggest words just click on it and the fields will be filled in for you

  • When you are done, click 'Create'