Google Login

You can now sign up to Go Vocab using Google Login - this works for all gmail addresses and also all other addresses powered by Google Apps. So if your school uses Google Apps to power their email addresses then you can login using your school email address.

You can also use Google Login to sign in to your already existing account.

In order to sign up to Go Vocab using Google Login:

  • On the sign up page click on the 'Google Sign Up' button on the right hand side of the page.

  • You will then be required to enter your Google email address and password

Google signup

If you have an already existing Go Vocab account and wish to sign in using Google Login:

  • Go to the settings page

  • There will be an option to link your Google account to your Go Vocab one

  • Click on the 'Connect to Google' button, you will then be asked to login if you're not logged in already, and give permission for the Google app to have access to your email address, etc.

  • Once you have linked your Google account you can then use Google Login to sign in to your account

Google settings