Adding Go Vocab to My Portfolio

You can now embed your Go Vocab progress graphs into MyPortfolio.

  • Go to the Progress page and click the button 'Add to MyPortfolio'

  • Choose where you'll be adding your Go Vocab progress to MyPortfoli - you can choose between three choices:

My portfolio

  • Copy the embed code

  • To then add Go Vocab to a page on MyPortfolio:

    • If you have an existing page, click edit. Otherwise create a new one

    • Click 'Edit Content', then 'External Content'

    • Drag External Content (the one that looks like a YouTube video) onto the page layout, and then a box will appear to paste the embed code into

  • To then add Go Vocab to your journal on MyPortfolio

    • Create a new journal entry and then click HTML and paste in the embed code

The end result should look like this:

My portfolio

The embed displays a snapshot of your progress on each of the lists you're learning. It does not update over time, so you will need to get a new embed code from Go Vocab to update your progress.