Our test scores completely matched the amount of work we had done on Go Vocab. The guy who had done the most got 100%. People who had done a little bit on it got somewhere between say 50-80%. And the guys who had done no work were lucky to get a few marks right. Seriously, Go Vocab works.

Michael, studies Spanish at Scots College


I was recently sitting my speech for French. I started using Go Vocab because my teacher requested we did it, and I found most
of the words I learnt, were in my speech. I was on Go Vocab every day since I started, and I was quickly learning new words and pronouncing them perfectly. I got my results back from my speech today, and I received a Merit, all thanks to the support of
Go Vocab.

Sarah, studies French

I am now top of the class in french and my knowledge for french just keeps growing thanks to go vocab. It is a great way to learn french by games and other fun activites. I also like how you can win prizes by learn your language!

Anthony, studies French

My year 10 class are all about Go Vocab. Many of them have the iPod/iPhone app and after only really introducing it yesterday some already have 2000+ points. You guys are onto something big here. Thanks for making my year 10s want to learn vocab (when has that EVER been the case?!).

Kirstyn Mawdsley, teaches German at John McGlashan College

At my old school, the teacher gave us heaps of revision sheets for our exams and it was so hard to revise because there were too many words. But since my new school (Scots College) joined Go Vocab, revision for my mid year and end of year exams was very easy because I was having fun while learning and the end result was that I scored top exam marks in my class, which was really great.

Rohan, studies Spanish at Scots College

Thanks for running such an awesome competition and a website that helped me get 95% in my Latin language test

Rhys, Studies Latin at Wellington College

Case Studies

Battleground High School

We asked Brenna Leker at Battleground High School to tell us about how she and her students are using Go Vocab

Tell us a little bit about your school

Our school is located in Battle Ground, Washington in the United States. We currently have 6 language teachers. We offer Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and American Sign Language. As a school we have 2200 students.

Wellington College

Wellington College was the very first school to use Go Vocab, we asked Mark Bradley about how he uses Go Vocab in the Maori Department

Tell us a little bit about your school

Wellington College Māori Department, you know where we are! 100 students at all levels (an increase of over 50% in 5 years!).

Wellington college